anomalisa movie review by stephen brooks on rubberonion animation plus a podcast episode

I just got to see Anomalisa. I phrase it that way because it does feel a little bit like I have been given some sort of exclusive golden ticket, and not just because the film has a limited theater run at the moment – it was special. Here’s my review…

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what to do when technology lets you down as an artist - rubberonion animation blog

Technology is great. And yes, even in (and maybe even especially for) art. Technology can make your work more accurate, it can make you faster, and both of those things are helpful in keeping up with the content demands of today.

But one of the worst things as an artist is when that technology suddenly fails you and you don’t know what to do! It’s especially annoying if you knowingly relented into using a new piece of tech because of the promise of efficiency – when that fails, it seems like a cosmic joke. Here’s some things I’ve learned over the years that help me avoid or deal with those problems…

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why it's a good thing that adobe flash is becoming adobe animate cc

You probably already know by now that Adobe has decided to rebrand “Flash CC” as “Animate CC.” This took pretty much everybody by surprise but heavy users, like myself, were hoping for a move just like this and I’ll tell you why. But first, here’s what I know so far about Adobe Animate CC

[audio:|titles=RubberOnion Animation Podcast – “Adobe Flash is now Adobe Animate, and that’s a good thing”]

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how to be productive when you're lazy - an artist's guide by stephen brooks at rubberonion animation

As an artist, there’s a good chance you’ve been called “lazy.” You’ve probably also felt like you’re not as productive or prolific as you could be. Let these two factors mingle around in your brain long enough and you’ll start believing that you’re the exact type of stereotypical “lazy artist” that people might say you are. There’s a lot of ups-and-downs in the life of an artist – some of this is due to the nature of being a creative and some of it is just life. Let me show you some of the things I’ve learned and give you 5 steps to getting back to a productive lifestyle when you feel lazy.

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