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164 “Fart Train & Taco Trucks”

November 10, 2016

Muppet Babies and Big Hero 6 TV series, Microsoft Surface Pro Studio, and more stories!

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163 “Battle Talk Oct2016”

November 10, 2016

Live episode where we talk about your submissions for October’s Animation Battle

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162 “Forum, By Them”

November 2, 2016

In honor of the brand new RubberOnion Forum on the new website, we talk about all your topics!

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161 “Freelance Horror Stories 3”

October 27, 2016

Horror Stories from careers in animation with Tomm Moore, Don Bluth, VivziePop & MUCH more!!

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160 “3 Year Anniversary Live Show!”

October 24, 2016

We play voicemails, never before seen or heard clips, and spill beer!

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DreamWorks' BOSS BABY trailer, When to Not Take a Job for Moral Reasons, and Disney might buy Netflix – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #159 “Trump Baby” with Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo

159 “Trump Baby”

October 19, 2016

Taking freelance jobs against your ethics, Boss Baby trailer, and Simpsons 600th episode

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Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano Interview, New York ComicCon, Trollhunters, Spider-Man, and the Emojimovie – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #158 “Ken Bone Knows” with Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo

158 “Ken Bone Knows”

October 12, 2016

NYCC, Trollhunters, the Emojimovie and a creator spotlight interview with VivziePop

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The Red Turtle trailer, Nerdland gets a distributor, and Pixar has a new short – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #157 “The Red Squirtle”

157 “The Red Squirtle”

October 5, 2016

Nerdland gets a distributor, The Red Turtle new trailer, and a discussion about creator owned TV Shows

Battle Talk for September 2016 on episode 156 of the RubberOnion Animation Podcast with Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo Live

Battle Talk September 2016 LIVE #PodcastDay Special – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #156

October 5, 2016

Here it is! The final episode in our 5-show marathon leading up to #PodcastDay which was when this special LIVE episode was, September 30th. It was the first ever live Battle Talk episode where we cover all the submissions to September’s #RubberOnionBattle “Unqualified Substitute Teacher.” If you caught it live and were in the VERY active chat, you saw something special. If not, you can relive the cut down version of it. Also, 4-Loco is evil. Enjoy!
[audio:|titles=RubberOnion Animation Podcast – #156: “Battle Talk September 2016 LIVE”]

Stephen animating LIVE "Unqualified Substitute Teacher" cartoon for #RubberOnionBattle Sept 2016 – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #155

Stephen animating LIVE “Unqualified Substitute Teacher” cartoon for #RubberOnionBattle Sept 2016 – RubberOnion Animation Podcast #155

September 29, 2016

WATCH (and/or listen) as Stephen creates his #RubberOnionBattle entry for September 2016 and Rob tries to tame the chat

[audio:|titles=RubberOnion Animation Podcast – #155: “Twitch Battle Show September 2016”]

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