#RubberOnionBattle July 2016

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RubberOnion Animation Battle July 2016

Best of July’s #RubberOnionBattle YouTube compilation video is in… thanks to everyone who participated and good luck to the selected!

Vote for your favorite in the comments section below!


WINNER will get a prize (to be named later)!


#1 – Stephen Brooks (me)

A video posted by Stephen Brooks (@rubberonion) on


#2 – Rob Yulfo

A video posted by Rob Yulfo (@robyulfo) on


#3 – James T Nethery


#4 – Xenia Bougaevsky

A video posted by Xenia (@xeniabougaevsky) on


#5 – Waymond Singleton

A video posted by Waymond Singleton (@waymonds) on


#6 – DeAndre Reid

A video posted by DeAndre Reid (@dr.animation) on


#7 – Elizabeth Honer

A video posted by Elizabeth Honer (@grrlrighter) on


#8 – Rob L

A video posted by Rob L (@roblpresents) on


#9 – Spencer Holmes


#10 – Greg Pugh


#11 – Hugh Triggs Jr

A video posted by Hugh Triggs Jr. (@pookiedidit) on


#12 – Eric Polley

A video posted by Eric Polley (@erpolley) on


#13 – Josie Smith

A video posted by Josie A. Smith (@fluffiedoom) on


#14 – Dave Hingley

A video posted by Dave Hingley (@davehingley) on


#15 – Chris Rodriguez

A video posted by Chris Rodriguez (@noumenus) on


(late post) #16 – Jason Zayas


JUNE’S WINNER = Jason Zayas!

A video posted by Jason Zayas (@the_turnstylist) on

Hey Look what I got! Thanks #rubberonionbattle #animationblockparty #rubberonion #robyulfo #handshakefail

A photo posted by Jason Zayas (@the_turnstylist) on


… and here’s the #RubberOnionBattle topic for August 2016!

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