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    There’s a lot of video out there on the internet. I thought it might be fun tor start a thread where we could share video resources for animators, and perhaps artists in general. This thread is not for finished works, but rather for tutorials, theory, tips, demonstrations and process videos. Any free streaming videos that you would like to share that might be of interest for those interested in animation or other fields related to animation (drawing, writing, film making, etc)

    For this first entry, I’d like to offer some videos from the Extra Frames series. Extra Frames is a series from the team behind Extra Credits, which has been breaking down the theory behind video games for several years. Their narrator, animator Daniel Floyd, is an animator who started this spinoff series breaking down keye animation principles (including the twelve principles) using one game as a case study for each. The episodes so far include Overwatch and Pose Design, Timing and Shadow of the Colossus, Squash and Stretch and Jack and Daxter, and Anticipation and Monster Hunter. Here’s a playlist of the series:

    So what are some of your favorite videos or series for animation resources? Post them below!

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    GREAT video, thanks for posting it! (Great thread idea, too!)

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    Here’s another great one for Maya animation –

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    Jeff Cook

    “Happy Harry’s Huha2 how to’s” is a fun 12 part series on creating cartoons in flash.

    Happy Harry is of course Harry Partridge. An independent animator and guest on the RubberOnion podcast.

    His cartoons are worth checking out.

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    An interesting breakdown by the Extra Credits guys on how conversational animation systems work for RPGs, in light of Mass Effect Andromeda’s problems:

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    A new series I’ve been enjoying, Low Poly, breaks down the models of video game characters across a series. Two episodes so far:

    Mario –

    and Sonic –

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    These are all great!!

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