blurry live between live action and animation and is performance capture a technique or a new medium by stephen brooks at rubberonion animation

Actors in green suits with ping-pong balls. That’s the idea most people have when you say “motion capture” but we are way past that visual at this point. Technology moves (seemingly) so much faster now than it ever has… so much so that it’s hard to keep up with the terminology, let alone the techniques. I try to solve the question of where “performance capture” falls on the landscape of visual storytelling.

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vlog 9 background design behind the scenes making and animated short with stephen brooks at rubberonion animation

After 4 years of waiting, I’m back at the VLOGs! I’m giving you even more content than usual with a full 25 min video made possible by my awesome Patrons via (who got to see this first).

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anomalisa movie review by stephen brooks on rubberonion animation plus a podcast episode

I just got to see Anomalisa. I phrase it that way because it does feel a little bit like I have been given some sort of exclusive golden ticket, and not just because the film has a limited theater run at the moment – it was special. Here’s my review…

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