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“Wrong Gift”

The Info

The RubberOnion Animation Challenge*  is a monthly friendly competition where participators create an animated video 15 seconds or less based around a topic chosen by vote. Throughout the following month, the public votes on their favorite submission and the winner gets a prize. All entries are watched, spotlighted, and talked about on a segment called “Challenge Chat” during our monthly live-streamed podcast over on our Live Page.


  1. Video should be 15 seconds or less
  2. Content must be based around the topic that month (open to interpretation)
  3. Submissions need to be in by midnight on the last day of the month
  4. Use the submission form below to submit a download link for your video (final video is 1920×1080 at 24fps)
  5. Post your final to the forum for the month’s topic (always a sticky)


  • 1st Win – Downloadable Papermade Plans for Stephen Character
  • 2nd Win – Downloadable Papermade Plans for Rob Character
  • 3rd Win – Downloadable Papermade Plans for RubberOnion Logo
  • 4th Win – RubberOnion Podcast Sticker
  • 5th Win – RubberOnion Mug

You’re encouraged to post your Work in Progress and general discussions over the topic on the forum. If you have any questions, please post them in the forum

*It’s important to keep these challenges a safe place for creation. That means hate speech won’t be tolerated

Submission Form

Use URL links such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc

*Check all 4 boxes below to submit the form - any item not followed will be excluded from competition

Is your name first in the file title? (ex: "YOUR_NAME-battle-march2017.mp4")

The video is an MP4 H.264

The animation is 15 seconds or less

Have you posted this to the "Post Your Finals" for this month in the forum (