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By RubberOnion 6 years ago
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For the past couple years I had heard about the greatness that was the CTN Animation Expo. It started in 2009, where I got wind of great things happening. 2010 is really where it exploded among the circles I orbit. So I went to the CTN Animation Expo this year to check out what all the hubbub was about — and, boy, does that hubbub have a lot of substance in its hullabaloo!

If you don’t know what the expo is about, allow Wikipedia to enlighten your brain-wrinkles:

CTN Animation Expo is an annual three day animation convention that focuses on putting “the talent” center stage. It is held at the Marriott Convention Center in Burbank, California during what is officially proclaimed by the City of Burbank to be “Animation Week” for this event. Founded by animation talent veteran Tina Price this event is presented by the Creative Talent Network.

Basically, it’s an expo that celebrates animation by having talks, demos, screenings and various recruitment opportunities for budding baby animators in Burbank, California. What’s so special about Burbank? Walt Disney Animation, Warner Brothers Studio, Dreamworks, Jim Hensons Creature Shop, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network…

It was an awesome experience to be around all these fantastic artists and feel that inspired. The direction that RubberOnion is going to take in 2012 is something I’m extremely excited about and this trip had a large part to play in that.

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  • Squibble says:

    Wish I could have been at the Ryan Woodward talk!

  • JeffNZ says:

    Fantastic Recap! I didn’t know anything about the CTN Expo, I definitely didn’t expect you to get up close and personal with Animation Greats.

    I shall try not to say “Way Com” anymore.

  • @coldmilk says:

    keep this up and you’ll be a better animation blog than Cartoon Brew (granted, Cartoon Brew is like the Fox News of animation journalism)

    Killer work!

  • Dave Johnson says:

    Fantastic wrap-up, and I couldn’t agree more with your tips.

    It was pleasure to hang out with you over those few days, and I hope we can do it again next year.

  • Tony White says:

    Great report Stephen! I love the Expo but as we’re manning our booth for most of the time we rarely get any time to see anything that’s going on around us! You gave me a taste of what I’d missed and the people I knew from the past yet our paths never crossed! Finally, thank you for speaking with the soul of an animator. There are a number of us really passionate folks out here in the trenches who are trying to change things but rarely hit the Hollywood scene. So its great you shared your experiences with us all! Keep on keeping on Stephen… you’re doing a great job! (And I still haven’t got my ‘Inkling’ pen yet either… what’s up with that?) Tony. :^{)}=-

  • Nathan Viney says:

    You HAVE these sort of things in America? 😀
    Lucky you! Looks like you had an amazing time, and just from your words and video I can imagine the experience of listening to these passionate and wonderful people.
    As I say you must have me over some time! New York must be my next holiday spot.. or maybe come over for the next CTN.
    I know you know how lucky you are XD And relaxed is the best attitude in all of life, I agree.

  • Daniel says:

    Thanks a lot for the video! I can’t wait for the panels to be up on vimeo!

  • Waymaure E Seuell II says:

    great video!!!!!!!

  • RubberOnion says:

    Thanks for the great words everyone, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    @coldmilk – There will be more of these coming in 2012 for sure

    @Dave Johnson – Did you like your forehead cameo?

    @Tony White – Thanks so much for the comment! Maybe next year you’ll be able to break away from the table more… either way I’ll come by and bug you. (=

    @Nathan Viney – CTNx is in Cali on the West Coast so maybe your next vacation spot should be there in Nov 2012. There’s a bunch of fast food places across the street. We’ll get you fat…

    Thanks everyone! More coming… (=

  • Hey Stephen,

    Great video! It was nice to meet you at CTNx and I think you captured the spirit of the event really nice. And that Deja panel with Richard Sherman was pretty special, I think it was my favourite moment of the whole event. See you next year!

  • Alex says:

    Awesome recap Stephen¡ This video really got me exited to go next year¡ 🙂