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SEGMENT EPISODE! In preparation for Stephen’s Birthday this weekend, we sip bourbon and talk about power rangers, wax intellectual on Patreon, and discuss the impending return of Samurai Jack. You know where this is going…

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Topics & Timestamps

(5:56) How You Doin “Stephen’s Birthday Book Signing & Meetup!”
(21:05) Greg Pugh and Ghostbusters in NYC
(35:26) Trailer Talk…
(35:42) Power Rangers trailer #2
(59:16) Animation News of the Week…
(1:00:04) Paul “Otaking77077” Johnson’s Patreon and Street Fighter fan film!
(1:43:34) Samurai Jack season 5 premiere date
(2:08:22) Rapid Fire!!!!!!!

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  • Andrew Kaiko says:

    The jokes they could do with Hotel Transylvania on a cruise ship!! #canyouimagine? (#seewhatididthere #nowimademyselfsad ) They could riff on the tropes of like haunted ships, I bet there will be more ghosts! Or even pirates. Or pirate ghosts.

    Rob, way to completely steamroll over a Rapid Fire topic 😀 “I bet they all wear pussy hats!” Stephen: “…” Though I suppose you can just look up the discussion on that on my Facebook post.

  • Phteven Brooks & Rob Yulfo, Slimer could talk more in the later episodes of The Real Ghostbusters when they transitioned the title to “Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters”. Even though it was the most popular cartoon on at the time, they brought in an outside consulting firm who made them change the show based off of no evidence. One of the changes was to put Slimer as the main character. Also, to remove Lorenzo Music as Peter, make Janine less sexy, change Janine’s voice, remove references to ghosts being dead people, and to make ghosts less scary. They even made kids become Ghostbusters to save the actual ones. We don’t speak of the later seasons.

    • RubberOnion says:

      See? Greg really knows his Ghostbusters trivia! So do you know why they made Slimer have a high pitched voice in the cartoon(s) instead of the deep monster voice in the movie?

      • GPAnimations says:

        It was to make him a kid-friendly mascot versus a scary monster. There’s actually an episode on The Real Ghostbusters (see “Citizen Ghost”, S01E11) that explains why they wear different color jumpsuits in the cartoon versus the movie and how Slimer came to be like their pet. In actuality, the colored jumped suits were to be able to distinguish them in long shots in the cartoon and the cute Slimer vs. scary Slimer was to appeal to kids.

        Chronological order goes: Ghostbusters, The Real Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Extreme Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters The Video Game, IDW Ghostbusters comic series, and then Ghostbsuters 2016 remake. Since The Real Ghostbusters gained the kid following, this explains why Slimer was redone in GB2 to look more like the cartoon, as were Winston and Janine. Smoking cigarettes was axed as were adult jokes and swearing for GB2 since it was really made to cash in on the Real Ghostbusters hype with kids and their parents (i.e. me in the 80s).

        In Ghostbusters The Video Game, Slimer goes back to being more like he is in GB1. In the IDW Ghostbusters comic series, they tie them together by saying The Real Ghostbusters is in an alternate reality and they cross over in a few issues (similar to how TMNT meets the Ghostbusters). They’ll be releasing a new issue in March 2017 that also explains an alternate reality of female Ghostbusters in NYC above a Chinese restaurant (2016 Remake) that meet the original Ghostbusters, as well as an annual comic on 02/01/2017 explaining why Winston wasn’t helping fight the Scoleri Brothers in the beginning of GB2 in the courtroom.

        Any more questions that I can answer with an unnecessary amount of worthless trivia?

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