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TRAILER TALK! We return to the much loved format with a discussion of two reboots, a conclusion to the wage fixing lawsuit, and a mini review of “Rock Dog.”

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Topics & Timestamps

(6:49) Rock Dog mini-review
(26:09) Animation News of the Week…
(26:41) “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” 2D reboot
(51:24) “DuckTales” reboot first look
(1:10:56) Disney settles in wage fixing suit for $100mil

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  • Andrew Kaiko says:

    I believe I touched upon this topic before here. It’s sad, but the age of watching cartoons on TV has become younger to the point where Cartoon Network now has barely any cartoon action on except Justice League Action (which brings nothing new to superhero cartoons and is barely broadcast, and is just uninteresting to me), and Samurai Jack, which is on ADULT Swim anyway! CGI and the advent of good live-action superhero movies STOLE that older kid audience from TV! That’s why CN now has to skew younger.

    • RubberOnion says:

      I remember the feeling as a kid thinking that TV and theatrical cartoons were really different… like TV was for me in my living room, it was a part of my life like morning cereal… and the theater was something special. We’d buy the VHS or tape it off TV but a movie was still an event for the most part. Some movies were just to put on in the background but that was more rare than TV cartoons, you know? So I wonder if the age difference isn’t about cartoons at all and more of a wider change in older kids turning to the internet and theatrical stuff more than TV like we did at their age

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