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SEGMENT SHOW! In this 2.5hr show we have an interview, audience question, and movie review… and unintentional beatboxing as well as screaming in the courtyard – great fun!

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Topics & Timestamps

(11:40) Creator Spotlight: Bryan Engram of Brazen Animation
(37:55) Ax by Fax “Top 3 animation moments that influenced you” ~Jeff Young-Sterling
(1:05:21) Movie Review “Captain Underpants”

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  • grrlrighter says:

    Good lord, Tempest looks awesome.

    Here’s my top 3 animation moments (and 2 honorary mentions):

    1) Transformers was my cartoon growing up. I loved how quickly they would transform, and was always frustrated that I couldn’t transform my toys at the same speed. I also remember a sage piece of advice Optimus Prime gave Ironhide: “There is a thin line between being a hero and being a memory.”

    2) Princess Mononoke – The scene where she wipes the blood from her mouth was a major feminist moment for me – she’s such a badass. (1:15-1:22) Also, the design of the Forest Spirit is just so exquisite.

    3) A tie between a piece of character animation in The Incredibles, and a moment so perfectly captured in Ratatouille. In the Incredibles, Syndrome does this crazy little shimmy dance when he’s saying “Oh man! I’m still geekin’ out about it.” I must have watched that 500 times on YouTube to catch all the motion, and how it added up to such a great moment of character acting.

    In Ratatouille, I will never forget when Anton Ego ate a bite of Remy’s ratatouille for the first time. The scene is freaking perfect. I love the lighting, the pacing, the extremely subtle use of sound, the super-zoom into his mind and then his childhood, and feeling the comforts of home in that bite of food, watching him come back to the table, dropping the pen… basically watching this guy who’s been such a fantastically hilarious prick the whole movie melt into his humanity because of an experience. It’s just the perfect climax for a movie, the whole thesis of the film is perfectly captured in this moment. And the “Defense of the New” monologue that follows is something I cling to as I try to make my own way in the artistic world.

    Two other films/moments that made an impression on me:

    1) Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and specifically, Jessica Rabbit’s song, “Why Don’t You Do Right”. I mean, it’s just hot. I was also obsessed at how perfectly all the live action pieces meshed with the animation. I really love live action/animation blends, and I think my love for it started with this movie.

    2) Prickles and Goo was my introduction to all of the animations that Matt Stone and Trey Parker have created to the talks of Alan Watts. It was so cool to see the super simplistic style of South Park work with such philosophically profound content.

    • RubberOnion says:

      These are all great! And I also love how the Ratatouille clip zooms OUT from adult Anton to emerge from child Anton instead of zooming into his pupil as it is conventionally. Feels more all encompassing that way, I think

  • Great episode! Thanks for your answers to my question, guys!

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