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SEGMENT SHOW! There’s a new Spider-Man on DisneyXD, a new film fest from GKids, Annecy & Variety, and we talk all the ins and outs of creating the 4th podcastimation.

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Topics & Timestamps

(5:02) How You Doin
(11:48) Making of Podcastimation 4
(1:25:57) Animation News…
(1:26:32) Spider-Man new series on DisneyXD
(1:51:19) New Film Festival from GKids, Annecy & Variety

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Owner of RubberOnion Animation, a virtual cooperative studio. Author of "Tradigital Animate CC: 12 Principles of Animation in Adobe Animate." Host of the "RubberOnion Animation Podcast."


  • Bobby Baxter says:

    Daddy long-legs are definitely spiders in Australia… 8 legs and all (there’s one hanging out in my studio — just counted them). What on Earth are your daddies?! Haha!

    • RubberOnion says:

      Oh this is interesting! So you’re right… I was wrong… but in a weird way haha
      THAT is the daddy long legs I know – it’s the same one haha the Pholcus phalangioides which is mostly on the East Coast in the U.S. which IS a spider (a “house” spider).
      The one most people in the U.S. call a daddy long legs is a “harvestmen” and not a “spider” but is still an arachnid with 8 legs.
      The one the other people in the U.S. and what I was referencing (though I think I was cut off) in the podcast that what British call daddy long legs is a crane fly which is a 6 legged insect
      So I think I combined these facts together over time to make one thing. Now I know! I love moments like this because it’s like washing a window I didn’t know what dirty! Thanks for the comment!
      left-to-right: crane fly (british dll), house spider (north-east us & australia apparently), harvestmen (south-east & other us areas)
      daddy long legs

      • Bobby Baxter says:

        Ha! Wow, there you go! I had no idea about the other ones! The spiders are so common here that unless you dust regularly there would be at least one in every room of every house. Couldn’t imagine life without them actually haha

  • andrewWK says:

    Well you know, AfterEffects wasn’t designed to animate characters. Just look in its name: AFTER THE EFFECTS. It’s main use is to add visual special effects to footage that already exists. That said, you can put layers into their own compositions, INSIDE compositions, INSIDE a main composition, in order to move several assets together, and yes each composition has its own transform capabilities. It’s just like Flash symbols nested into other symbols. And yes, rendering and previewing is a BITCH! It’s still my chief program for final editing though.

    • RubberOnion says:

      Just like with many other programs, where they started is not where they are now… and in AE’s case, they’re put in a lot of features to make animation easier, possible, and more robust than I might’ve thought before hand. Mostly it’s inverse kinetics and warping but it’s still valid for something beyond motion graphics. That being said… I’ll probably just use it for motion graphics and basic animation

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