Disney is in talks to buy 21st Century Fox and we discuss the movie going experience

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  • andrewWK says:

    How does this happen? Here we the viewers/customers are, going on with our lives, maybe paying for a movie ticket here and there….. and all of a sudden it’s like studio earn the equivalent of the same people paying to see the same film 1,000 times! How have movies began to earn billions??

    • RubberOnion says:

      Part of it we covered is inflation (regarding the sheer amount of numbers anyway), and the other part is in the uber-budgets put behind special effects events. It’s kind of a premium out premium in kind of thing… people see that a lot of money has been spent on a movie and they think “this must be epic.” That can only go on for so long but so far the tricks to get people to the theater have been working just fine

  • Bobby Baxter says:

    You really hit the nail on the head there saying that cinema audience members are treating the movies like streaming at home! I had never thought about it that way before but it makes total sense. And FREAKING PHONES!! My god, how hard is it to switch off for 2 hours and enjoy the damn film?! Now you’ve mentioned it, I really want to own a house so I can create a home cinema and just invite the good friends around to watch with me haha!

    • RubberOnion says:

      That’s the dream haha yea it’s just not a fun experience anymore. I used to think that maybe this is the crotchety old man in me coming out but it does seem to be that people are just treating it like their home… “I paid for this ticket so I can do what I want”

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