Long live Adele Dazeem!! The Oscars were this weekend so we talk about them out of mostly obligation, but the real stories are with our own Rob Yulfo and Pat Ryan coming out with brand new creative content! Rob’s got a new animated short and Pat has just started a Sci-Fi radio show series (both embedded below). We also talk about painted movie posters, Bill Waterson’s new “comic”, the documentary on the Rhythm & Hues bankruptcy and the VFX issue as a whole. This one was recorded in one long shot and I didn’t go back to remaster anything because Rob again… has computer issues. We literally recorded this 3 hours prior to me typing this. So… enjoy!! (=

[audio:http://traffic.libsyn.com/rubberonion/the_rubber_onion-ep18-adele_dazeem.mp3|titles=The Rubber Onion – #18: “Adele Dazeem”]






Pat Ryan’s new Sci-Fi Radio Show


Rob Yulfo’s new animated short


Documentary on the VFX issue and Rhythm & Hues’ history in it

Rob & Stephen’s video review of “The Croods” where they address the VFX problem

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  • Ryan Knockaert says:

    Hey guys. Great episode per the norm but I notice that the time stamps in this post don’t actually match up with the podcast. Keep up the good work though I look forward to listening to the podcast every week.

    • RubberOnion says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Ryan, you were absolutely right! I rushed this episode to post so fast I forgot to update the timestamps from the last episode.

      Also… thanks for making your first comment a productively helpful one! haha

  • Chris McEwan says:

    And on the flip side to Ryan’s helpful post, your Wrath Of Khan/Revenge of the Nerds dream just reminded me of this…

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