curious george documentary ema yamazaki jacob kafka interview sausage party uncredited animators arc productions employee about bankruptsy on episode 147 of the RubberOnion Animation Podcast with Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo

curious george documentary ema yamazaki jacob kafka interview sausage party uncredited animators arc productions employee about bankruptsy on episode 147 of the RubberOnion Animation Podcast with Stephen Brooks and Rob Yulfo

SEGMENT EPISODE! We have two interviews, a discussion about the uncredited animator pushback on “Sausage Party” and one epic story. Enjoy this show, you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon… I know I won’t

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[audio:|titles=RubberOnion Animation Podcast – #147: “Monkeys and Drunkies”]

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Topics & Timestamps:

(5:56) “The Bushwick Story” AKA “The Drunkest Sh*t I Ever Saw”
(39:19) Animation News…
(1:01:02) Interview with ARC Productions employee Justin Goran about what happened surrounding the bankruptsy fallout
(1:35:41) Creator Spotlight: Ema Ryan Yamazaki and Jacob Kafka about their Curious George Kickstarter


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  • Jeffrey Y Sterling says:

    Man, when I press play and that the opening bass lick of the theme song hits…that shit is so damn satisfying.

  • I think this is my favourite episode so far, although I still haven’t listened to all of them (only discovered you guys in May!). I mean, it has everything! Epic party adventure (“We were watching cartoons!), sausage drama, and a curious monkey!

    • Josie says:

      Oh man Xenia, you’re in for a real treat then. There are some crazy/silly things in a lot of the Podcasts. This was a good one though! My favorites are the “Hot Cocoa Shows” where they talk about why they got into animation and how to balance life etc. Rob says a lot of the things I would say…I’m one of those “blurt out the first thing that pops into my mind” awkward people. Luckily my boyfriend thinks it’s hilarious and gets my random humor, most people stare at me like I don’t have one screw fully tightened in my noggin. I’m not entirely sure they’re wrong…

      So glad Bryan was ok though, I was scared for him. LOL @ Sausage Drama. Can’t wait to hear your reaction to some of the others, lol.

      • RubberOnion says:

        We got some great Hot Cocoa Shows coming up soon, I had to take the time to prepare the blogs I think you’ll really like them. Rob thinks he has a small bandwidth of situations where he feels comfortable but he’s better than he thinks he is and I bet it’s the same for you. Good to have support!

        • “Hot Cocoa Shows” is a terrible name! It makes me crave hot cocoa in a very very strong way which is very very bad for my diet. It makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket and a cup of this evil drink.. which is rather weird considering it’s around 30 or more degrees outside. It’s an even worse name to listen to in the winter when such desires are somewhat justified. You guys are so mean!

          • RubberOnion says:

            Ha! That’s EXACTLY why they’re named that way. Actually Rob and I periodically go to a coffee shop and get some form of hot chocolate (mocha counts) and talk about whatever’s bugging us, that’s how those types of episodes were named. Sorry about you’re diet but that’s exactly how they should be enjoyed (=

      • There are so many episodes! It makes me both very happy and a little anxious, so in the meantime I’m just going strictly backwards, otherwise I’ll get everything muddled up.
        I’m a blurter too 😀 I tend to get worse around people I feel comfortable with, but by that point they are mostly immune to my mad ravings. One of my cats is almost as chatty, we probably look very odd just blabbing away to each other, regardless of the amount of people in the room.
        Is there a Bryan’s side of the story somewhere that I might’ve missed? His morning-after must’ve been most curious!

        • RubberOnion says:

          From what he told me, Bryan doesn’t remember anything after seeing cartoons at the event. Enjoy going back and listening to the past episodes… there’s nothing like this story in those though haha

          • Josie says:

            Well, I think Hot Cocoa can be enjoyed in moderation…but I have to tell myself that as I enjoy a daily mocha after work and get VERY cranky if I don’t I have it. However, that’s every one’s personal journey/choice.

            I think Rob’s great and hilarious. Both you guys crack me up on a regular basis though:-)

          • RubberOnion says:

            Mochas are fantastic… like hot cocoa for adults

          • Josie says:

            The did have a slight clip of Bryan’s morning after via his voicemails to Stephen. They were brief…but illustrated his confusion. Poor guy, great attitude though.

    • RubberOnion says:

      If someone writes a book about everything that happened surrounding the Sausage Party production I really hope they title is “Sausage Drama” haha thanks for the comment, glad you found and are enjoying the show! We’re enjoying what you do on the Battles too!

  • Jeffrey Y Sterling says:

    This was a really great episode. The interview with the Curious George Doc film makers was really something special because like she said, we all have a nostalgic feeling when we thing about George. I grew up with the books and it was one of my favorite series as a kid.

    This will be a really interesting doc to check out.

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