Slow week for animation stories but we’re back and funnier than evah! We have a great discussion about the internet, content creation, and the free vs paid problem of the previous two points. Oh we also talk about the new Simpsons couch gag and a whole bunch of Cartoon Network talk because of Stu Snyder’s departure. We’d love to see what you think about these discussion so leave a comment, because comments are delicious to my creator tummy.

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  • Andrew Kaiko says:

    About networks changing for “the worst”,…. most networks aim to the young generation. … which keeps changing in trends and styles, because as people grow, the young generation rotates in with new kids and teens and young adults, who like different stuff than the older ones before them! I hate the Disney Channel except for a few of their cartoons, but that’s because we are 30 years old or so!! They are no longer made for us.

    Ummm… they did not cancel The Looney Tunes Show- they aired all but ONE EPISODE, which was the last one, and they posted it online anyway. I think they couldn’t find a place to squeeze it in on TV once they got new shows, and finally just said “screw it, here ya cry babies”. Though I may be more loose on my definition of “canceled”. Also, turns out Dragons wasn’t renewed.

    The title CN wasn’t an issue for me. C is still there. CN Real DID annoy me SO much! I AM also upset that Disney took Walt out of the Disney logo. …. come on, guys… I mean Iger….

    lol I had my biggest laugh ever at Rob’s “wet assholes” suggestion.

    • RubberOnion says:

      NETWORKS: absolutely right. i think pat had a good point about the channels that were doing it better were the ones that still reflected the origin of the point of the channel. i think if you don’t reflect your original channel you should just become something different. does TLC even stand for the learning channel anymore? i think that’s why people get worried when companies start messing with the name… such as… the CN (not keeping cartoon in the name)

      LOONEY TUNES SHOW: Ok… i have no idea anymore haha i’m going to wait for an official word then.

      ROB: is a funny, funny guy

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