fine brothers try to trademark react and makes youtube angry, trailers for kubo and the two strings and robert valley's pear cider and cigarettes kickstarter on episode 119 of the rubberonion animation podcast with stephen brooks and rob yulfo

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SEGMENT EPISODE! It has been 2 full months since our last one of these so if you don’t remember, these are explicit episodes… thar be swears! And there’s kind of a lot to swear about. The Fine Brothers really pissed off the internet last week when they tried to trademark “React” for title use, and Marvel yanked fanimation series “X-Men: Danger Room Protocols.” On the fun side, Robert Valley finished animation on his animated short film “Pear Cider and Cigarettes” and is using Kickstarted to finish post-production, but what we’ve seen so far looks awesome. We talk about all the trailers we missed in our time away from animation news discussion, our first animation battle has concluded and was awesome, and we return for RAPID FIRE! Enjoy the show

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Topics & Timestamps:

(13:45) Trailer Talk…
(29:07) Trolls
(40:56) Animation News of the Week…
(1:18:27) Audience Question


Media Referenced During this Episode:

#RubberOnionBattle Jan 2016 (1:25:11)


Our Paranorman video review (35:51)


PeeWee on Netflix (14:03)


Secret Life of Pets trailer #2 (20:48)


Trolls teaser (29:07)


Kubo and the Two Strings trailer(32:47)


This is Sparta speedpaint (43:30)


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  • Andrew Kaiko says:

    I wonder if there will be new people to the podcast who have never heard a segment episode prior to this one.

    Thank you for the Trolls observation. 😀 I also recall mentioning that these designs might get me to actually want one of the toys! … which oddly goes against my distaste for cash grabs. Did you see that one troll who is a quadraped?! Brilliant. I’m saying the OTHER stuff about the trailer looks bad. The LEGO Movie worked because the directors (who also wrote it) are LEGO fans and understand what people love about the toy and expanded upon that in their own world. This just looks like something a committee of distant execs made.

    Rob has a new catchphrase: “I like the colors…”

    • RubberOnion says:

      Yea I know, for sure, that we have a lot of new listeners but with most of the new downloads comes ones for every past episode so I think enough have been listening to the back catalog to “get it”… hopefully haha

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