A bunch of the things we talk about this week were actually stories that broke just yesterday! The new Peanuts teaser trailer hit this week and impressed everyone except, predictably, Pat. Also, in the world of “what-the-what-really-are-you-serious?!”… Sofia Coppola is rumored to be directing a Live-Action “The Little Mermaid.” Finally, “The Incredibles 2” was confirmed, and so was “Cars 3″… what?! So we talk about those things. Enjoy all these talks!

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  • Andrew Kaiko says:

    … okay I can’t fathom why there are people who can’t see that The Incredibles needs a sequel! Superhero stories, from their births in comics to MARVEL Studios today, all lend themselves very well to a continuous storyline! They were created for on-going stories, and that carried over to the new MARVEL movies and just recently most of the DC ones, and I’m sure Brad Bird has a new story that will naturally fit into the existing one. He wouldn’t accept to write a sequel if he wasn’t confident in it! What a better way for Disney Pixar to have their own original superhero property that they can continue and make blockbuster series’ like they’re already doing in collab with Marvel?? Only with ORIGINAL content (okay, they’re doing that with Cars, but you know my opinion on those movies)! …. now let’s just hope Lasseter doesn’t replace him with another writer in the meantime.

    And that’s … The Rubber Onion Podcast: slogan “YOU LISTENED TO US! WHY!” TM

    • RubberOnion says:

      I think the thing (RE: The Incredibles) for Pat is that it’s not about it being a superhero film as much as it is a perfect parody/homage to the genre and is good the way it is. I agree with that. I know what you’re saying… and yes there are a lot of stories you can tell with these characters, but The Incredibles was such an excellent self contained statement on superheros and family that it doesn’t NEED a sequel. But I don’t think Brad Bird would do the sequel if he didn’t think the story was there… so I trust it’ll be great.

      And that’s a great slogan haha

      • Look it COULD be good, but as Stephen said, it was GREAT on its own. The ending wasn’t a setup for a sequel, the way I saw it, it was like as much of a “happily ever after” as you can get with superheroes. They’re still fighting, but this time as a family.
        My ideal plot would be this: Violet is about to graduate high school, and while she is looking at colleges, she is also being pursued by another team. Elastigirl wants her to go to college, Mr. Incredible wants her to join the team, even if it means breaking up the family team, he wants to continue to tradition of heroism.
        Meanwhile, Dash is getting the Spiderman treatment. He’s uncool and bullied a lot, but is unable to use his powers in school, so he is bullied enough that he pretends to lose his powers and tries to live a normal life, while all around him he sees people getting hurt, situations he could prevent, and so on. He is presented with the quandary of ignoring his powers to gain a normal life and social acceptance, or give up his normal life and save lives.
        Finally, JackJack is being hypnotized through a nefarious new kids show, and eventually all of the children his age begin to commit crimes, and JackJack is nearly unstoppable, and his powers are uncontrollable. Once again the family has to work together as a team and are reminded that no matter what happens in our lives or what drives us apart, families come together when they need to.
        Violet is allowed to join the superhero team on a part-time basis if she keeps her grades up at a community college.
        Dash forgets the idea that he will ever be normal, has a heart to heart with his dad about growing up with powers, and the two of them start a “super team” in the high school to prevent bullying.
        Elastigirl no longer lets JackJack watch TV, and starts playing with him outside.

        Ok, Brad Bird…You owe me $200Million.

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