It’s my (Stephen’s) Birthday! So, of course, we’re playing trivia. Actually I’m reading the trivia questions while Pat & Rob struggle to happen upon a correct answer. Happy Birthday to me. This is another “special” podcast in that it’s one of those short ones. It’s an artifact of my hosting company, I only have so much space per month so every 4th episode… you get this. You’re welcome.

Sidenote: This Saturday, Feb 1st at 10pm ET on the LIVE section of this website we will be doing a special one-night only LIVE podcast during the Annie Awards ceremony. Anyone who has ever watched them knows what an unpredictable night it can be so you should absolutely join us. We have a chat room where you can interact with us and everything… almost like we planned it! You can RSVP on the Facebook event page too if you like.

[audio:|titles=The Rubber Onion – #13: “Old Kid Brooks”]

Rob’s Birthday video to Stephen


Pat’s Vine that we reference in the Intro

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