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It’s a Pube, Charlie Brown

March 19, 2014

A bunch of the things we talk about this week were actually stories that broke just yesterday! The new Peanuts teaser trailer hit this week and impressed everyone except, predictably, Pat. Also, in the world of “what-the-what-really-are-you-serious?!”… Sofia Coppola is rumored to be directing a Live-Action “The Little Mermaid.” Finally, “The Incredibles 2” was confirmed, and so was “Cars 3″… what?! So we talk about those things. Enjoy all these talks!

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Crab Faces

March 12, 2014

Slow week for animation stories but we’re back and funnier than evah! We have a great discussion about the internet, content creation, and the free vs paid problem of the previous two points. Oh we also talk about the new Simpsons couch gag and a whole bunch of Cartoon Network talk because of Stu Snyder’s departure. We’d love to see what you think about these discussion so leave a comment, because comments are delicious to my creator tummy.

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Adele Dazeem

March 5, 2014

Long live Adele Dazeem!! The Oscars were this weekend so we talk about them out of mostly obligation, but the real stories are with our own Rob Yulfo and Pat Ryan coming out with brand new creative content! Rob’s got a new animated short and Pat has just started a Sci-Fi radio show series (both embedded below). We also talk about painted movie posters, Bill Waterson’s new “comic”, the documentary on the Rhythm & Hues bankruptcy and the VFX issue as a whole. This one was recorded in one long shot and I didn’t go back to remaster anything because Rob again… has computer issues. We literally recorded this 3 hours prior to me typing this. So… enjoy!! (=

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Jurassic Pat

February 26, 2014

Even with Stephen still on the road the podcasts don’t stop… not with tablets, mobile hotspots, and coffee shops! This week had simultaneously the greatest rumor & the biggest, immediate letdown of that rumor. But with that, there’s good news about Spectacular Spider-Man finally coming to Blu-ray, Greg McCleod’s new animated short “365” and confirmation that Miyazaki really is retiring. Listen to the greatness!

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Animals Are Dumb

February 20, 2014

Stephen is traveling this week… but that won’t stop us! The podcast continues, with a spit & glue setup only MacGyver could understand. This week we talk about Clone Wars coming to Netflix, Annie Leibovitz making our casting game come true, and Rob finds a tumblr that… well… I’ll let him explain it. We also talk about a post that made its rounds this week on what it actually means to be an animator. It was short and blunt and we have words about it.

This week, a friend and fellow animation geek, Jules Jammal, passed away at a well-lived but still young age of 39. There is a link to a scholarship set up in his name in the annotations in the post. Please consider giving.

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Everything Is LEGO

February 13, 2014

“The LEGO Movie” blew our collective minds this weekend and we had to talk about it… a LOT! But don’t worry there are absolutely NO spoilers at all in the discussion. We get into some interesting topics like metamodernism and the new comedy, selling out and how it’s a crap concept, and the remix culture and understanding what the soul of a property is. Oh… and we had a WHOLE BUNCH OF TECHNICAL ISSUES! Man alive… for this being the most discussion we’ve ever had on any subject(s), this was a bad time to have audio go wonkey, mic problems, people cutting in and out. But ever the profession, I have edited this thing together in a Lynchian masterpiece of epic awesomesauce. If you ever leave a comment on one of our podcast episodes, this is the one to do it on. A lot going on here and we’d love to hear what you think! Oh and psst… little secret… stay for the very very end. Hashtag smiley face (that’s me trying to understand young culture).

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Joker Don’t Play That

February 5, 2014

RANTS! Oh my, the rants. There’s a lot to talk about this week and we really fit a lot in. This might be one of my favorite episodes yet, and definitely has my favorite Rob Yulfo photoshops (Homey/Joker & us as princesses at the bottom of this post). Last week was our special trivia episode so this week we’re back to form with a longer episode where we really open up on some topics. I encourage all of you to post in the comments your thoughts on these topics. I look forward to it!

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Old Kid Brooks

January 29, 2014

It’s my (Stephen’s) Birthday! So, of course, we’re playing trivia. Actually I’m reading the trivia questions while Pat & Rob struggle to happen upon a correct answer. Happy Birthday to me. This is another “special” podcast in that it’s one of those short ones. It’s an artifact of my hosting company, I only have so much space per month so every 4th episode… you get this. You’re welcome.

Sidenote: This Saturday, Feb 1st at 10pm ET on the LIVE section of this website we will be doing a special one-night only LIVE podcast during the Annie Awards ceremony. Anyone who has ever watched them knows what an unpredictable night it can be so you should absolutely join us. We have a chat room where you can interact with us and everything… almost like we planned it! You can RSVP on the Facebook event page too if you like.

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Panzerfaust Tank Fist

January 22, 2014

Behold in the intro, the strangest sounding burp in the world… courtesy of Rob (who else?)! This week we talk about John K working for Miley Cyrus, Alan Becker blowing up the internet, and just about everything else under the sun. This episode could easily be called “tangents” because we are ALL over the place. Pat is a bit sick again (rapidly becoming a theme on the podcast) but toughed it out for your benefit. Still, it was a lot of fun to record! Have enjoyment with the words we have uttered.

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Good at Fighting Dragon Ballz

January 15, 2014

In this episode we discuss The Simpsons honoring Miyazaki, Michel Gagne’s new movie, a couple new trailers, another “trick” competition to scheme animators to work for free and Meryl Streep’s character attack of someone long since dead at an award show for someone completely different sitting right there in the audience. It’s been a weird week. We also find out that PAT IS A RAPPER. Learn something new every day.

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