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Tahn Tahng

December 21, 2013

Pat is sick. The kind of sick that puts you in the fetal position. So Rob & I take this podcast solo and we do a terrible job. The kind of terrible job that circles back around to awesome “Sharknado” style. In this episode we talk about Netflix and what it means to the industry, Ron & John’s new film, and of course… princesses. Rob & I also try our hand at being radio show DJs. We are bad. The kind of bad that you can only get at a high school radio class. Enjoy! (=

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Mint Glue

December 11, 2013

We’re back from Thanksgiving break with a new podcast! In it we announce the winner of the “Find the Zombie in the Podcastimation” game, talk about holiday animation related stuffs and some sad end of the year layoffs. But it’s all ok because we bash “Family Guy” for pretty much every decision they make and talk about porn being spliced into Disney movies, Tyler Durden style. Also, we really have to pee. Hope you like it (the podcast, not the pee)!

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Andrew Kaiko Interview

November 24, 2013

This week’s episode is a special 20min interview with animator Andrew Kaiko about his process of creating a short, inspiration, ideas on style, and of course his brand new short “Norm & Cory!” He has a great traditional style and a wonderful sense for color (which we also discuss in the interview) as you can see in his short embedded within this blog post. I encourage all of you to watch it first. Andrew was also kind enough to provide some images to share as reference to the topics we discuss which you can also see inside matched with a time-stamp indicating the relevant moment in the podcast. Thank you for the conversation, Andrew!

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Gorilla Boxing

November 20, 2013

This episode we preview the interview I had with Andrew Kaiko about his new animated short “Norm & Cory”, as well as a guessing game, a discussion about about sexy Disney men and a rundown of the major animation stories of the week! Rob & I have been working on our “secret” project (which we announce on the podcast) as well as two separate animated shorts which come out this week… but that also means we’re tired. Very tired. So a fun drinking game to play in this podcast would be whenever someone makes a gigantic, embarrassing mistake while trying to say something relevant… drink!

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Lego My Dic

November 10, 2013

So we’re a little late this week… what of it? Like you’re so perfect! This we have a couple good conversations about budgets, animated female depictions and the broad topic of ‘what is an animated film?’ Pat doesn’t give away any personal information this time but don’t worry, Rob goes back to being the Rob of the podcast and can’t land a transition to save his life. It’s why we love him. Enjoy!

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Calvin & Snobs

October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween! Rob makes an animated short, Pat leaks sensitive personal information and turns into the “Rob” of the podcast and Stephen is enraged by internet rage and can’t be soothed. This week we talk the about the “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” trailer, the passing of Marcia Wallace (Simpsons voice actress), Adam Brown’s animated Calvin & Hobbes dance and the copyright issues that conversation brought up.

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Death & Peanuts

October 23, 2013

First official podcast! Rob gets a new microphone but doesn’t fix his brain, Stephen can’t stop talking and Pat hates things. Fun for the whole family (if your family likes penis jokes)! This week we talk the new Samurai Jack comic, apple picking, Peanuts shorts, Superman and a whole lot of death.

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The Pre-Cast

October 21, 2013

As we slowly move into podcasting, we made a test to make sure we won’t suck. This is that test. And it is awesome. Originally not intended to be published, we’re so vain that we couldn’t help posting this first step before our “official” first podcast next week. We’re calling this one “The Pre-Cast” because we’re clever as shit!

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