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For our second outing in the new style of Podcastimation we chose an imporv bit from episode 190 of the podcast “Britney Pickle Spears” because it just seemed so perfect for the format! This has been exclusive to Patrons for the last month and the next one is already up there… so support on Patreon to see the next cartoon right now exclusively there for 1-full-month!


Making of:

For this one mostly it was about communicating between Rob and myself about what the various visuals would look like. It was a little tough to keep the format of “animation below, illustration above” because so many things lent themselves to animation and, as animators, that’s where our brains go!

But the format isn’t just to stay on a schedule or to get a more even distribution of work between the two of us; it also functions as a rule-set to constrain the parameters of the project – that forces you to be more creative. Determine your rules, stick to it, and be creative within that… that’s the idea.

First I needed to come up with the animatic, which mostly entailed trying to determine exactly how the jokes would reveal themselves and how often the “camera” would drop down to us for reactions.

Then we talked about what we wanted the various jokes to look like, looked up reference, and talked about it – then Rob set out to illustrate. Here are some of my favorites (although my absolute favorite is the Meatloaf Big Boy:

Britney Pickle Spear

Timberlake’s Bangbusters VHS


Shakira Shake Shack


Meatloaf Big-Boy

Big Boy Restaurant (for reference)


There’s a couple new hand movements in this one and I think it flows really nicely. It was a risky idea to animate this one before the Bushwick Story one since we had a deadline for the (the Dumb Sh!t Show in Brooklyn) but I think we learned a lot more about the process of these with this podcastimation and we became very comfortable with it.

I’m also becoming more and more comfortable with Adobe After Effects now and was able to use a morphing tool to change the Christina’s building from a house to a brick-house. It’s not great, but it’s funny… and that’s what matters. It was fun just playing around with another tool and these new podcastimations are kind of a low-key way for me to just learn After Effects – it’s working out beautifully!


Coming up:

So far our “1 per month” goal is being met (3 month’s running so far). The “Bushwick Story” is currently on Patreon for the month of September and it’ll go public on October 1st.

The next podcastimation is being planned out right now as well as working on some mixed media animated shorts for film fests so we’re finishing the end of this year really strong.

Please consider supporting work like this on Patreon – thank you!

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