Podcastimation: “Funny Facebook Argument About Trump” [explicit]

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Here it is! The brand new style of Podcastimation clocking in at 3:33 based on a bit from episode 138 of the podcast

Making of:

I used a combination of Adobe Animate CC, Photoshop and After Effects. Once we have a clip we liked, I edited it down to a reasonable time and made a quick animatic in Animate CC. Rob and I determined what images would work best and he illustrated them in Photoshop. I turned our characters into an animatable pack and set out to complete the lipsync and any arm movements. Then I took those elements and brought them into After Effects to get the camera pans/zooms and the watercolor reveal shots done.

Thoughts on the animation style:

This was a real experiment for me. I wanted to have a callback to rubberhose animation but not to mimic it entirely. I learned some things like the way the lipsync is usually done (unless something specific is being said, it’s usually a generic loop). There is not much in the way of slow in/out in classic rubberhose so it was really difficult for me to hold back in that way. Also, they seemed to move everything at once… if the mouth was moving that’s when they moved the eyes too. So any movements I wanted to do needed to happen at the same time (my hypothesis is because they didn’t layer the cels as much as animators would later on so when they had to draw a new frame they wanted all the action to happen at the same time to limit the amount of new images they had to draw).

Obviously a goal was to get a style that I could reasonably hope to produce at a rate of 1 per month… and this is what I settled on. Between the loops and using AE for the camera movements and illustrations instead of animation for the “imagination/fantasy” elements of the story – I think it’s very doable!

Coming up:

Like I said, the goal is 1 per month. We’re working on the “Bushwick Story” currently… a shorter version of which will screen at the “Dumbest Sh*t I Ever Saw” show on August 13th at Nitehawk in Brooklyn (we’ll both be there) and the longer version will get posted for Patrons immediately afterward.

But there’s already a new podcastimation up on Patreon which you can see right now and exclusively there for one full month based on our Popstars’ Fast Food improv from episode 190 of the podcast!

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