#RubberOnionBattle March 2016

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RubberOnion Animation Battle March 2016

Best of March’s #RubberOnionBattle YouTube compilation video is in… thanks to everyone who participated and good luck to the selected!

Vote for your favorite in the comments section below!



#1 – Stephen Brooks (me)

A video posted by Stephen Brooks (@rubberonion) on


#2 – Rob Yulfo

A video posted by Rob Yulfo (@robyulfo) on


#3 – Greg Pugh


#4 – James Nethery


#5 – Spencer Holmes


#6 – Waymond Singleton

A video posted by Waymond Singleton (@waymonds) on


#7 – Eric Polley


#8 – Jeff Cook

A video posted by Jeff Cook (@aperturejam) on


#9 – Chris Rodriguez

A video posted by @noumenus on


FEBRUARY’S WINNER = Waymond Singleton!

A video posted by Waymond Singleton (@waymonds) on


… and here’s the #RubberOnionBattle topic for April 2016!

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  • Overall Vote: #1; It made me chuckle aloud
    Best Background Design: #2
    Needs the Most Work: #3
    Best Character Animation: #4
    Best Timing: #5
    Best Soundtrack: #6
    Most Realistic Scenario if Robots Worked in an Office: #7
    Best Easter Egg: #8
    Most Useful Robot: #9

  • noumenus says:

    Great turn out! These seem to be getting bigger. I really love all the different styles. I’m almost tempted to try a rigged type of animation for the next one. I had forgotten how tiresome drawing it frame by frame can be.

    • RubberOnion says:

      I love the style that you animate in, it’s so unique to our entries! I’d also like to see what kind of character animation you get from rigged animation too. April’s topic is “Worst Video Game” so it actually seems to fit really well with the style the topic seems to ask for… looking forward to whatever you do! Thanks for participating… and I want that robot (=