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    Jason van Gumster

    I had the pleasure of seeing this short a little over a year ago at the Blender Conference. Since then, it’s been making the rounds through festivals. Apparently it made the long list for academy awards, but didn’t quite make it to be a nominee.

    Anyhow, they just made a public release of the short for everyone to see. About 8 minutes long… well worth the watch, IMO.

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    Oh that was so sweet! I loved the character designs and how emotional they were. Great musical score, too. Thanks for sharing this!

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    Aw that was so cute! I LOVE IT!

    So relatable too…we have to take time to nurture our souls so that fire doesn’t go out. Need to teach that soul feeding to our kids too. It’s a rough world out there…but we can do it:-)

    Thanks for sharing this!

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    LOL! Made me think of this day my co-worker and I were feeling a bit blah about the work day…after unloading all our supplies (we clean houses) I skipped up to the house with the vacuum and everything. Now that I look back I wonder if the customer looked out the window, or a neighbor, and thought I was about 5 1/2 cans short of a six pack. Well, they’d be right…and if it made them smile I’d do it again. Made my coworker laugh and made the job a little easier. Sometimes just the smallest thing can get it started.

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    That was so cute! Thanks for posting!

    Also, now I see teal and orange everywhere haha the pattern is everywhere (=

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