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    So earlier today I was watching one of the YouTube series in my regular rotation, Moviebob’s “In Bob We Trust.” This weeks topic was whether or not Andy Serkis deserves an Oscar for his role in bringing about an entirely new form of acting, and the political forces at play that could keep it from happening until there’s no room left for them to avoid it.

    At the end of the video, Bob suggests a new Oscar category – “Best Collaborative Performance,” which would honor performances brought to life by an actor working with a team of artists on the same character. This idea really struck me as a great way to bring recognition not only to actors working in areas of performance commonly overlooked by the Academy (such as performance capture artists like Serkis and voice actors in animation,) but also the teams of animators, puppeteers, and effects artists bringing these performances to life.

    So what do you guys think of this idea? How would you go about structuring such a category? And to keep this topic interesting, what “collaborative performances” throughout the history of cinema do you feel are most deserving of being honored?

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    Jason van Gumster

    Not a huge fan of the name… a whole film is essentially a collaborative performance.

    Would this be tied to a particular character in a film? Would non-mocap character animation qualify for winning in this category? That’s just as collaborative… it’s just missing the guy in the suit.

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      Yeah. It would basically be any character where the actor isn’t the only one “playing” the roll. So mocap characters, animated characters, puppet characters, etc.

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    I know 100% I’ve proposed that on the podcast before about awarding a team and Oscar for best virtual character (like Gollum or King Kong)… I know I mention it at 1:26:35 but I don’t know if I said it earlier as well

    I’m posting the blog post as the primary up there (which was episode 131 that I know @monsterjavaguns heard because he commented on it haha) just because I thought the writeup is relevant as well.

    But you can read my comment in the comments section of the podcast post where I also expand the collaboration “team effort” idea

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    In that case, animated movies should be qualified too, because the voice actor is only 1 of many people tasked with completing that character on-screen.

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    not sure it will ever happen – sorry to sound like a negative nelly here but consider ‘The life of Pi’. Ang Lee won best director oscar, R&H staff that worked on it got pink slips. Unfortunately Hollywood films are built on 3d studios submitting increasingly smaller bids for the crumbs from their tables. why would you want to even recognise some peon who mucked about with a computer while you were crafting your performace tour-de-force – they’ll never be at the ceremony, they wont even work at the company by the time oscar night comes around

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