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    Fred Seibert’s Channel Frederator has been bought by Rainmaker, the company behind the failed Ratchet and Clank movie, for $7 million odd, to form a new company called WOW. Now that Adventuretime has announced it’s end in 2018… I admit I saw something like this coming. Their venture into movies never made it past the development stage. Their online channels like Cartoon Hangover are nowhere near even the Top 1,000 YouTube channels, and have all strayed far from their initial business pitch!!! Bravest Warriors, once a Cartoon Hangover-original that could only be seen on their channel, finished its second season and no sign of a third has been seen for months, as it turns out it will migrate to another company, possibly for airing on television. Frederator is all but ended now and I will miss the work under that title because it’s been around for so long, established all the trends television animation started, and really did support independent creators.

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    [MOVED] to the new News category in the Animation section of the forum. The RubberOnion Content News is for things happening with RubberOnion but I realized that I didn’t have an area for animation news across the world… crazy! Thanks for pointing that out, Andrew! Animation News should now be posted there: https://rubberonion.com/forum/animation/news/

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