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    Hello! It’s been a while (oops!), but I just wanted to share my exercises from the Bitey.com FX animation course. I am up to week four, and some exercises have gone better than others but I am really enjoying myself. 🙂

    week 1

    week 2

    week 3

    week 4

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    The lightning is great!! I also really like the flame paintings. The gravity one could use a touch up… right before the first contact it slows down, it’d probably be fine if you take out a frame or two, and the arc for the second one has it dropping almost straight down at the moment of contact when it should be coming down a little more at an angle (the arc looks more like a rifle bullet rather than a hill)

    Keep up the good work!! How are you liking his course? I remember I signed up for it I think when he first posted it but never got around to playing with it… I’m always interested in learning more, especially about FX

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    Thanks! That’s really helpful, as I am going to try some of the exercises again. There are also others to try, I have been aiming to finish 1 – 2 a week.

    I am enjoying the course a lot so far, I can go at my own pace and choose which exercises I want to do each week. It’s pretty relaxed. 🙂 The lessons are updated each month, and there’s a mix of written content, videos and example images.

    I also finally have my own copy of Joseph Gilland’s Elemental Magic to help me along! I have been getting it out of the library for years so thought this was a good excuse to get my very own copy. 😀

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    A progress update! Another month down! 😀

    Week 5

    Week 6

    Week 7

    Week 8

    Week 9

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    You’re making great progress! And I love your work on the flag unit, well done!

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      Thank you! 😀

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