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    It’s a real purdy forum Stephen built here. Shame if somebody wrote all over it…

    Many of us here have been following and commenting on the podcast and blog posts through the old blog, Facebook, Newgrounds or other communities that Stephen and Rob have posted to. Others will be coming in brand new to the community. What better way to start than to introduce ourselves?

    So- who are you? What do you do? How did you find the podcast? If you’re a creator, where can we find your work?

    My name is Sam Albro. I’m a web comic artist, 3D Modeler, occasional animator and retail schlub.

    I met Stephen at his cousin’s house years ago, and bookmarked his site and YouTube channel. Years later, a YouTube alert pointed me to the podcast with the episode 50 live show, and I’ve been following ever since.

    My work can be found at my portfolio site, http://samalbro.com/blog/ and Newgrounds channel, http://samalbro.newgrounds.com/ . I also draw a web comic based on my sister’s YA novel series, which can be found here : http://www.olympia-heights.com/comic/

    So who are all of you in the community? Jump in with your introductions below!

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    Hi Sam!

    Who am I? My name is Josie. I’m a mother of 2 (stepmother to 3…5 all together! GOOD LORD!). I draw cartoons, am learning how to animate stuff (2D), sometimes write music, and clean people’s houses to pay the bills so I don’t burden my art with having to do that. I like the freedom:-) I did freelance for a bit but it just won’t work right now. After things stabilize I might try it again part time.

    About a year-ish ago I was getting back into animation after some soul searching…it was something I always wanted to learn how to do. I’d dabbled throughout the years, but never got serious about it. I was trying to surround myself with all stuff “2D Animation” such as podcasts, art, books, movies etc. When I am at work most days it is really quiet so I can listen to podcasts all day. I found the RubberOnion at that point and got hooked. Lol. I found a lot of podcasts about movies and reviewing animation, but not very many about DOING animation. Seems like most of them talk a lot about how they got into the business etc. but I liked hearing ‘how’ to do it and from people who were passionate about it. I really liked the idea of the ‘battle’ so have been trying to submit things for that. I think it’s awesome!

    I don’t really have a portfolio…I have a few things on YouTube and am working on Newgrounds, a little intimidated to be honest. I have a few things under my old username http://kitsunie.deviantart.com. Went through some pretty bad times and got really depressed so that’s why I didn’t submit anything for a long time. Didn’t draw for a while and lost my passion for a bit. Slowly coming back:-)

    Thank you, hope you have a lovely day:-D


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    How appropriate that this is the first post on the forum, thanks for starting in so quickly! It’s great to hear how people come to follow the stuff I make, whether it’s alone or the join ventures with Rob. I’m big on community and this forum seems the natural progression of everything I’ve been building toward so thanks again!

    Also, Josie, now when I read or hear the phrase “lovely day” I can’t not picture Nicholas Hoult’s character Nux from Mad Max: Fury Road (=

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    Hi there!
    I am Dave form the UK, I work in video games I trained in 2d before switching to 3d. Recently I have been dabbling more with 2d animation. been listening to RO podcast for nearly a year.

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    My name is Greg Pugh (Aliases: @BoardGameGreg, GP Animations, Pew Pew, G-Fresh) and I think I found Phteven on social media many years ago. We met in NYC one time and it went so well, he packed up and left the country. I haven’t met Rob in person, which is probably why he didn’t leave America.

    I’m a full-time technical project manager and I do freelance illustration and storybook mobile app development work if the mood strikes. Animation is more just a hobby for me at this point and my site http://www.GPAnimations.com oddly enough doesn’t contain any animations anymore. My online presence has mostly been on my blog http://www.BoardGameGreg.com

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    Hi guys!

    My name’s Xenia, and I live in Israel with my husband, baby and two cats. At the moment I’m a stay-at-home mom, illustrating a short stories book and making animation at night.

    I came across the podcast when I stumbled upon Elizabeth Honer’s blog entry (https://crankymuseprojects.com/2016/05/21/kabloom-rubberonionbattle/) about Angry Flowers, and I’ve been binge-listening to you guys in bursts whenever I’m at my desk drawing or animating. I’ve made a habit of jotting sniplets of information down as I listen to the podcast, to look up afterwards, and I’ve made loads of wonderful discoveries that way. I’ve yet to stay awake through a full live show, the time difference is a bit of a pain, but at least I always have the option to watch/listen to it the next morning.

    I post most of my stuff on https://rediskot.wordpress.com/ where I try to draw something (almost) every day.


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    Hey all, Glad we can all gather on the new forum here!

    I’m Chris, Born and raised on Long Island. An aspiring illustrator with a passion for character design. Currently working as a part time freelance graphic designer at a small time marketing firm. Animation has a big part of my interests and I always draw creative inspiration from the animate work I enjoy. Ideally I’d love to practice my own animating skills to show what I’ve learned from my twenty plus years of observing the art.

    Been listening to the podcast ever since I’ve happened to stumble upon it after binging
    Rob’s toons on his channel. From there it became one of my many favorite podcasts I listen to while designing at work or illustrating on my own time. It’s also the oney podcast i ever really send questions into and am always delighted by the answers. (Whenever I hear Guido-Chris or It’s dat Guy-Doh, I still crack a smirk)
    How can you not enjoy the interviews, banter, personal experiences and other neat facts that come up between Stephen and Rob. Also Pat Ryan (PAT RYAN 2016!)

    So as far as MY stuff goes, I really have been slacking of updating my public collections, but as soon as I get to it, I’ll share it here for you all to enjoy.

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    Hello everyone!

    I’m Martin, and, er, you probably know too much about me already… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hopefully this form the basis of a nice community. Well done lads.



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    Hey guys im noumenus, I’m like to make stuff like cartoons, coding, music and sleep.

    I just searched for best animation podcasts and this was one of the few that clicked with me.

    You can find my work by googling my name hopefully.

    I can’t wait for all the stuff that’s about to happen, welp I’m at work right now so I should probably do that, catch you guys later

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    I’m, uhh, Meathamski and I am a habitual procrastinator and a quiter. I found the podcast about a year ago while searching for something to listen to at work. I really wanted something that would keep me from going insane.. and I really wanted to get back into animating.

    I missed a few battles, but for the most part I’ve really appreciated the motivation they have given me to continue animating.

    I uh, use to post to a blog.. I don’t want to look at it because it shows how long it took me to get back into animating, but I guess I use to post stuff to this blog: http://jbestwick.blogspot.com/ I wish I really finished that last animation!

    My instagram is instagram.com/Meathamski. I also made a twitter recently, and thats also twitter.com/Meathamski. And I’m Meathamski on NewGrounds, but I haven’t done anything with that.

    Not really animation related but most of my recent stuff is at http://www.youtube.com/Joshb81959. Stupid videos, and some animations scattered around. Recently I’ve been streaming to twitch.tv/Meathamski and recording these RP cops & robbers type games so I can add a narrative to some videos. I like just using silly voices and talking to people in games, send help.

    I’ve really loved the podcast and the community and can’t wait to listen to the podcast while I’m at work in 2 hours. <3

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    27backspace a.k.a Ryan Knockaert reporting in. I don’t really do anything animation related except talk about it all the time. I discovered the podcast pretty early on, episode 5 I think, through being subscribed to Rob on YouTube.I was looking for podcasts and he either liked or favorited this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIa89TD9_N4

    So I gave it a shot and ended up sticking with it. Anyway hopefully we can get a good community going here I’m pretty eager to participate.

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    Hey gang! I’m Elizabeth Honer aka grrlrighter. I found the Rubber Onion podcast early last year when the freelance animating series aired, and it was posted on ASIFA East’s Facebook page. Been listening ever since, and catching up on previous episodes!

    I mostly animate for my own enjoyment – although recently, I completed my first freelancing job; woohoo! My work can be found at https://crankymuseprojects.com/videos/

    Stephen, your new site is GORGEOUS!

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    Hi, I’m Skips McNuggetstein– I mean, hi I’m Andrew K! ๐Ÿ˜€ Those of you regular fans of this podcast and the Rubber Onion should be familiar with my work! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Hey, its Lamont. I’m a freelance animator. I’ve animated for Stephen before. You could describe us as friends. Sometimes Stephen and I chat about things. Sometimes Stephen curses me out.

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    Hi All,

    I’m Tim Bergeron. I’ve been working in animation for about 18 years now. Started out at Fox Feature Animation working on Titan AE, went on to Disney to partake in Treasure Planet and then the big lay off occurred. The death of 2D animation at Disney. I’ve been working in the business of e learning and training. Currently modeling and animating machines for the mining industry at a company called PAI ( http://www.perfnet.com/ ). And living proof that you can make a living in animation outside of the television and Hollywood markets. Currently live outside of Tucson Arizona, with my beautiful wife and 5 year old little boy. What I really want to do is start producing my own material.

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    Hey Guys I’m Tobias (as you probably noticed from my username) I am a 21 year old Animation Student from Australia, i am currently on break before entering my final year of studies! I dont even remember how i found the podcast but i became such a fanboy i went through and listen to every single episode! It helped me keep my sanity when doing long nights animating for University. I am currently Working on my website and Portfolio and also a Short Film which is half way animated! Its a fan animation ๐Ÿ˜‰ but i post most sketches on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/toby_toons/ and my Fb page https://www.facebook.com/tobiaskrebsArt/ . I am a die hard 2D man! my current goal is trying to grab my self an internship!

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    Oh hi, I’m Bryan Alvarez-Varela (BrainOfBryan, BrianOfBryan, Brain) I’m a evening baker at a french coffee shop, Caprices by Sophie in NY. I have a love for animation and all things creative! I’ve been trying to teach myself animation ever since I saw one of my favorite NSFW artists live stream their animation process.

    I found the RubberOnion Animation Podcast just a little while before they started posting on Newgrounds, since then I’ve gone back and listened to almost all of it! (That’s a lot of podcast!) My ‘art’ has been going in a VERY NSFW route recently and suggest to keep that in mind if you search BrainOfBryan on Newgrounds, everywhere else I try to keep the lewd down.

    The RO community is fantastic and full of great creatives, I’ve never hanged out with a cooler bunch like these peeps!


    Tons of love, BrainOfBryan <3

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    Hello everyone, This is Ronald aka “RonnyE” aka “RonTRON” aka the third winner to the Rubber Onion Podcast Fan Art Contest. I’m currently working towards my B.A in Business Management (Please don’t hate me). I discovered the podcast on episode 10 or 11 and then made my informal debut in episode 17 “Jurassic Pat”.

    Habits include drawing ( my novice attempt at character designing and doodles), creative writing, and reading.

    Hope to meet some new people on this forum and build the Onion Community.

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    Jeff Cook


    I’m Jeff Cook aka Aperture Jam.
    I’m a proud father based in New Zealand… A tiny country country famous for Hobbits, Sheep and other wacky news.

    As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be an animator.

    I was always a fan of zany cartoons such as Animaniacs, Angry Beavers and Raw Toonage as well as classic Looney Tunes cartoons.

    In a nutshell… (The origin story)
    – I studied hand drawn animation and briefly worked at a studio.
    – I was a Cinema Projectionist for many years until projection went fully digital.
    – Because of this I had a career change to a desk job which killed my creativity for a long time… Thankfully the creativejuices are flowing again.

    These days animation is a rare hobby of mine. I thank Stephen and the RubberOnion battlers for challenging me to get out there and create.
    Thanks guys! You rock!! โœŠ

    You can find me at http://www.instagram.com/aperturejam and occasionally at http://aperturejam.blogspot.co.nz.


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    Katol Steele

    Wow, the RubbOnion has a nice little community XD

    Hello peeps. Nice to see everyone so open. I guess I will be too…

    who are you?: I’m a fat 20 year old Canadian currently living with my parents (AHA HA HA) and I’ve been animating since I was 12 on a program called “Pivot” which is a stick figure animator (it’s not as bad as it sounds…)

    What do you do?: Nothing really… just a starving artist AHA HA

    How did you find the podcast?: I watch channel awesome sometimes, and I saw they did an interview with Don Bluth. THEN I saw he was trying to promote Dragon’s Lair and searched for more interviews (mainly because I thought 20 mins wasn’t enough with the legend) and I saw RubberOnion with a big fat juicy “40 mins” mark on their video lol. So I listened and was pleasantly surprised with how funny Stephen and Rob were. So of course I had to listen to more and watched all of the interviews on their YouTube channel… AND THEN I wanted more so I listened to even more on ITunes and even gave them a good rating LOL! OH! And I became a Patron of theirs because I love what they do and would LOVE to support this podcast. Well, I think my fanboy meter is all out now XD

    If youโ€™re a creator, where can we find your work?: Well… although I am not comfortable with this question because this forum is for the RubberOnion. I guess a little shameless self promotion isn’t all bad lol. I have a YouTube channel:


    I recently uploaded a 20 minute short film I did myself, and JUST started another one with a friend. I dropped a Teaser Trailer the other day

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    Bobby Baxter

    Hey all! I’m Bobby Baxter… or as Stephen likes to call me “Bobby Bastard”/”Booby Baxter”.

    I’m an animator and cartoonist from Tasmania, Australia. I have worked in a number of creative roles over the years, including graphic design & multimedia in the early days, illustration, 2d and 3d animation for games, movies, television and e-learning. Most recently I have self-published my first comic book ‘Brown Fury’.

    I’m not quite sure where I discovered the podcast… but I remember not long after, I got a gig working on a show called ‘Trip Tank’. I fired up the podcast at work and then what happens…? Rob mentions he scored some freelance work on a show for Comedy Central… Trip Tank! It was a really crazy moment where you hear a guy who’s sitting on the opposite side of the world talking about the very same project you are on! Doing exactly the same work too! Something clicked then, and I realised “Hey, these guys are just like me!”, and I think from then on I was hooked!

    Just recently, I visited New York to sell my comic in artist alley at NYCC, and I had the chance to hang with the guys for an evening. It was a kind of surreal feeling where I was meeting these dudes in person for the first time, but we all got along like we’d known each other for years. I had a blast and for some unknown reason gave Rob an Australian 5 dollar note, which I later regretted when I returned home with empty pockets haha!

    Anyhow, it’s nice to meet you all and here’s some links if you’d like to check out some of my work!

    – Website: http://www.bobbybaxter.com
    – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bobbybaxtercartoons
    – Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bobbybaxtercartoons
    – Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BobbyBaxter

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    Jenn Macgillivray

    I’m Jenn Macgillivray in the place to be, two pints of hard cider but I’m working on three!

    *ahem* Jenn Macgillivray/ Jenn McGillicuddy/ Jenn “Rob and Stephen need to up their nickname game” MacG/ other pseudonyms that will go unnamed…

    Just a lil animation fan from Halifax, Canada with no connection to the industry, just a love for Pixar, Laika, and other quality animation. I met my spouse on a Powerpuff Girls forum, though I don’t know if that ups my cred or just makes me look like a crazy person. We lived in the UK for a while and we have a baby now.

    I work in a genetics lab which gives me a lot of time to listen to podcasts while processing and analysing samples. I found Rubber Onion a while ago while searching my podcast app for “animation.” Which worked out for me, I guess.

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    Mike Boas

    Hey Onioners!

    My name is Mike Boas, and I’ve been an animator since 1998. My company is Mad Dog Movies, and I work freelance out of Rochester, NY. You can see some of my work at http://maddogmovies.com.

    A lot of my animation work in recent years has been for documentaries, such as American Grindhouse, That Guy Dick Miller, Blu-rays of Scanners and Army of Darkness, and the upcoming 21 Years: Quentin Tarantino. I’ve only done the Rubber Onion battle once, but I’d like to jump in again soon.

    I’ll try posting a reel here, to see what happens.

    My assorted links:

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    @Jenn Macgillivray :

    Attempting to dunk on Stephen and Rob’s nickname game:
    Macgillivray’s Island
    Macgillivray’s Travels

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    Kaishu Mennella

    Hi! Iโ€™m Kaishu. Nice to meet you all. Iโ€™m an animator, but Iโ€™ve done several jobs in the business at this point. I donโ€™t remember where I found the podcast, but Iโ€™ve been listening since episode 14 or so.

    If any of you are interested, here are my sites:

    Iโ€™m currently trying to refocus my work plans. I hope to have more cool stuff to show soon.

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    Jenn Macgillivray

    Hahaha, MacGilligan.

    Or simply, Jenn. She is truly outrageous.

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    Hey Guys!

    A bit late, but here I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been lurking and listening to the Rubberonion podcast since the start, and have known Steve since we used to hang out at Flashfilmmaker.com.

    I make things, draw, paint, and love to animate – although I have not been able to do too much of that in the last few years. Getting back into it though and hoping to start a little project next year!

    I really love animation background art, especially anything hand-painted. I would love to make animated shorts with my own hand-painted watercolour/gouache backgrounds.

    I am most active on instagram, and you can find me at: squibble_creative_services


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    Hi All, I’m The Extraordinary Tourist or TET for short, my real name is David. You can use any of those three names but most prefer TET ’cause it has the least keystrokes.

    I’ve listened to the podcast for quite some time (more than a year I think). Heard about it through Chaostoon initially, probably through something he shared on his social media at some point. Anyway, I’ve never participated in anything to do with RO other than listening to the podcast, however I do like a good forum so when I heard this one was up I thought I’d check it out.

    I started out wanting to be a cartoonist, made a detour through computer programming, a little bit of animating, then graphic design before this internet thing existed. From 1995 on I’ve worked as a freelance graphic artist. 2008 I rediscovered my interest in animation and, by that time was also a freelance artist/writer/blogger/video creator.

    At the same time I got back into animation I started the blog:

    Animation and Video – http://www.animationandvideo.com

    Now I write for it regularly with behind the scenes looks at my own animation work, software reviews, hints and tips etc.

    As far as animation goes I’m a jack of all trades, master of none. My roots are 2D mouse drawn animation but I’ve tried nearly all forms including 3D and 3D model making.

    That’s enough about me. I do really enjoy the podcast. It’s the only animation podcast I listen to. It has a good cross section of humor and useful information. Hopefully I can be a little more involved through this forum in the future.

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    Jason van Gumster

    So I get to be the latest one to the party. I’m Jason. I’ve been listening to this show since early on (couldn’t cite a show number… though when I first started listening, I know I only had a few back episodes to listen to in order to get caught up). To this day, the Rubber Onion Podcast is the only show that I listen to at 1x speed. All of the other podcasts I listen to are at 2.5x or higher.

    As for me, I’m a 2D/3D guy near Atlanta, Georgia, in the States. I’ve been kicking around the block for a while… did the freelance/small studio thing for about 8 years in Richmond, Virginia and for the last 4 years I’ve been involved in quite possibly the most bizarre use of animation I’ve ever come across: banknote design.

    I’m also a gigantic open source nerd. All of the tools I use for my work are free and open source software. I even wrote some books on a couple of them, Blender For Dummies (http://blenderfordummies.com) and GIMP Bible.

    I have a website that I should probably keep more up to date, but it does have some of my work on there and a small podcast that I record (and has recently come out of hibernation after a year and half), the Open Source Creative Podcast. All that stuff can be found at http://monsterjavaguns.com.

    And I should stop now. So I will. I’m looking forward to having fun on this forum. Thanks for setting it up!

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    Ben Reynolds

    Hi guys!

    I just recently discovered the podcast during one of my youtube dumpster dives and I’m currently playing catchup with past episodes.

    I’m a 2D animator currently living in LA; I work at a small company called Ninjio that produces animated internet security training videos:

    I’ve also been lurking around on newgrounds for some time and have been known to actually finish my own projects from time to time:

    I’m really into all kinds of 2D animation but nowadays mostly cartoony anime looking stuff like the kind of stuff Studio Trigger does. I tend to get labeled as “the anime guy” a lot.

    It’s really great to finally find an active animation forum; or just an active forum in general that isn’t reddit.

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    Hey all! So most of you know me but for those who don’t my name is James Nethery.

    I’m currently the animation director for Lowbrow Studios where we do a bunch of different shows for TV and web including “The Cyanide and Happiness Show”, the animated segments of “Adam Ruins Everything” for TLC, the new “WWE Storytime” show for the WWE Network, “After Credits”, College Humor original shorts, and animation/design for Youtube Red’s “Paranormal Action Squad” (which Steve and Rob also worked on!).


    Before starting at Lowbrow I was an animator on the hit FX show “Archer” and before that I was a full time freelance animator. Before that I cleaned toilets at Disney World but that’s a story for another time.

    DEMO REEL (that needs an update): http://www.jamesnethery.com/


    INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jamesnetheryanimation/

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    Robert Bahn

    Hiya, my name’s Robert and I’ve been a fan of you guys for a while now. I’m an animation student at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and I’ve had a ball with improving my work, creating new things and finally achieving my desire to be an animator. I have a showreel on Vimeo and I post my artwork on various social media like Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. I want to finally get around to doing one of the Battles!

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SenorWoberto
    Tumblr: http://robertbahnartwork.tumblr.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robertartspew/
    Showreel: https://vimeo.com/187661367

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    Bryan Hancox

    Hiya Guys,

    My name is Bryan Hancox also known as Ketchupbeard, I’m a part-time freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and animator based in England as well as shouty frontman guy in my band, At Dawn We Attack that likes kittens and transformers. I’m a happy go lucky guy and love anything creative and often give anything a chance (within reason), and as a result, have somehow done acting as an extra in Girl with All the Gifts and written gig reviews along with other daft things. I’ve recently graduated from the University of Worcester in the Uk (last November) and would love to do full-time freelance work for animation, graphic design and illustration but as of now have to do it part time due to having to be a shelf monkey to help pay the bills.

    I would like to become an Animation Director someday either for an established company or my own (I like leading, it’s fun to work with others), I dabble in many different forms of animation but have recently focussed more on 2d and 3d character animation along with storyboarding. You could say I just love the process of animating so my content may change now and again.

    I found the Rubber Onion podcast during my last year of University and it has helped me through a lot of arduous times. It’s good to hear Rob and Stephen’s reassuring voices when you’re feeling a little low.

    Here’s a link to my stuff and I hope to be a regular around here and I’m sorry if my introduction was a little long winded and disjointed, had about 4 hours sleep per usual but in time I’m sure you guys will get used to my daftness.

    Oh and my Tumblr is mainly educational based so it has tons of research I’ve done and continue to do so please feel free to pop over there.

    Have a good ‘un!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KetchupBeardCreative/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/KetchupBeard

    Tumblr: ketchupbeard.tumblr.com

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ketchupbeard/

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAazWJL_EOubpt31djdsEOQ

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    My name is Mike Caputo, and have been on-and-off animating since 1981. I make my living fixing Macs, but am hoping to get back into animation – obv for the lucrative benefits.

    I spent my first ten years doing post FX and animation (using paper and film!) in NYC at The Optical House under Dick Rauh, and was a member of local 841, back when that was a thing. But I was the youngest of a much older crowd, and could see that it wouldn’t be long before we were all displaced by “computers” – circa late 1980s. We had a Compugraphic 7500 typesetter, and most of the older guys were intimidated by it. (we used it for printing crawls for features, which were shot on an Oxberry animation stand onto hi-con. Does anyone know what I mean?)

    I distinctly remember seeing a demo of Dire Straight’s Money For Nothing video, circa 1986, and feeling baffled at how the older guys were scoffing at it. They were good older guys, long time union men, but incapable of understanding digital tech and it’s exponential growth. I could describe the equipment these guys were experts in – real craftsmen! – but no one would know what I’m talking about. It’s like history from an alternate timeline – it’s cool, but not really relevant.

    So I left animation then, and shifted into tech support and computer work, which worked out pretty well but is far less satisfying.

    (The Optical House, along with many other traditional post FX studios that failed to adapt as well as the union itself, was all gone within 10 years or less).

    I was also a columnist for Emru Townsend in his quarterly magazine, “FPS: The Magazine of Animation”. (He was a hero and a wonderful editor and an amazing resource, and I hope he’s never forgotten.)

    I have lived and still live on Staten Island, and hope to meet some of you someday.

    I have some stale websites and some active Insta and Twitter accounts.
    @pencil_test (Insta)
    @michaelncaputo (Twitter)

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