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    Ben Reynolds

    Hey guys!
    Here are the first 2 episodes of a thing I’ve been working on called Kerslash. It’s kind of a love letter to the kind of stuff I used to watch on Saturday mornings and other pop culture-y things. I started the first episode in 2011 and am currently working on the 3rd one, with no real schedule or anything.

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    Guy… I loved it! I just watched the first episode on my lunch break and I really enjoyed the setup. The flow is good, the character personalities are clear, and the staging is interesting (you tend to choose slight birds/worms eye views for your character shots which is a really nice touch).

    Then I watched the second one. I don’t know if that was done 6 years later (you mentioned that you did the first one in 2011) but the color and lighting are definitely more refined and it fits the illustration style much better. I enjoyed the voice acting in the first one a bit better because if felt a bit more energetic – though I know it was the same voice actors I can see in the credits. On the subject of the voices, I would suggest using a compressor (or if you did already, a more aggressive one) because the mix fluctuates a bit, I had to keep sitting forward and backward in my chair to get closer or farther away from my computer speakers based on the moment so I could hear everything or get distances from the louder parts.

    Overall I’m very interested in seeing more of these! How long did the second episode take you?

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    Ben Reynolds

    Sorry it’s taken me a million years to reply to you! And thanks a lot for all of your kind words. There was a gap of about 2 and a half years between the first and second episodes; the first episode got me a lot of freelance so I ended up having to put it on the back burner for a while.

    I really didn’t know a lot about mixing audio at the time, and I also did the entire episode in a single flash file, which made it hard to work on the later scenes as it kept crashing from the file size. Working on both was a huge learning experience, and I’m excited to do the last 2 episodes I have planned. I’m currently redoing the intro and will hopefully finish the 3rd episode before the end of the year. I’ll probably also get somebody to help me out with the sound this time around.

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