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    This is what I been up to since early 2016. I am lead animator/background co-artist/storyboarder for this upcoming pitch pilot. Malcolm Benjamin https://www.instagram.com/malbenthomas/ assisted me with the animation. It’s created by Alexa Fox from LA, formerly from Texas through her company Challenging Comics. This pilot is owned by MarketCom LLC.

    Reese is a normal elementary schooler whose mom is a scientist, and his life is routine until one day she accidentally turns him into a monkey and she cannot find a way to change him back! … so he just goes along with it. The show aims to chronicle his misadventures going through life trying to adjust with this new body of his, and the problems that can occur with it. The show is going to be about how weirdness is normal, the value of friendship, the struggles and tribulations of being a kid, and having others respect you for who you are.

    There will be an interview about it with the creators at 8 PM EST on September 20th on the podcast Secrets of the Sire! https://www.facebook.com/secretsofthesire/posts/1428095207268801?pnref=story

    I will forward you all to a link whenever this short can be viewed online!

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