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    Katol Steele

    So this is something I decided I wanted to do for my sake. Not just for my channel lol. But I wanted to see if I could do it… make an animated short, but… Kiiind ooooff make it as long as I could, but also do it so that there’s a decent story there

    This is something I think would be interesting to get thoughts on, from OTHER animators. So if you want to, watch it. Then continue reading this post:


    I was so moved by a short I watched, I just loved it. It wasn’t a movie plot. But kind of a simple story. Just nature. I liked that idea so I did kind of my own thing too. I came up with the idea of having 2 families face each other. They would just lead up to each other and you know… a fight for survival would happen. But it was also a way of showing, again. Nature. If you’ve watched by this point, you’ll remember that the Rex family had their own child. They were just trying to feed the poor injured baby. But then the Trike family wasn’t doing anything wrong either, the mother was just trying to protect it’s kids. This is the whole nature thing I wanted to do. There is no good or evil. Just things living

    So after I came up with the idea, I got animating. It took me ALMOST year’s worth of work. I was 1 month away from it being a year lol. But, I worked on it 100% myself. I did all the Backgrounds (Kind of) all the animation, I just didn’t do the music. The thing about the Backgrounds however, Once it got to the forest part… they were all sprites. I don’t really know if that’s a well known thing. What I did essentially was create some bushes, rocks, and trees in GIMP and then loaded them in into the program I use. Then, every time a scene would change. I would just rearrange everything to make it look different, either that or load in different looking sprites. The get away with that however is the story takes place in the forest… everything looks the same lol. The thing I hated about it however is I couldn’t see the onion skin. So I was animating in the dark lol

    Now, you know the process and all that fun stuff… now. Be real with me. What did you think of it? People in the comments mention how slow it is… and all that. But the thing for me is, I paced it like a real movie. I know it’s not a real movie, but I wanted that feel. The cinematic feel. I did a lot of panning of shots, and all that. But again, I wanted to tell a story. These 2 families just living. But I was so limited, the BG’s, the time. Would you call that an excuse? because… to me, they’re real reasons, but I also feel like I’m just saying crap. Like I’m saying “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO JUDGE ME” lol

    Alright. Rip me apart

    (Note: Long day. Will do a spell check later XD)

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    Whoa! You made a 23 minute movie by yourself? Congrats!! That in itself is just awesome. I haven’t watched it yet, but I will be sure to block out a half hour so I can!

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    I see what people say about it being slow, probably mostly because there’s no dialog. I think a nature documentary with a more narrative swing style would go a long way to smooth out the feelings of the longer cinematic shots. For references, it’s when there’s lingering shots of the T-Rex looking at its kid and not moving or moving minimally… since you’re using a more iconic/silhouette form style it doesn’t lend to easy reading of gentle emotion.

    I did care about the families and I think you did a good job showing the “just trying to get by and live” kind of situation. The animation itself was smooth and well put together especially for such a long project! Specifically I think you handle all the eating scenes really well.

    Now the real question: do you sell stickers of the dinosaur designs? (=

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    Katol Steele

    ^I can’t hit the reply button right now… so whatever

    Also. OMGKABFKHAHS RUBBERONION-SAMA REPLIED! XD Aaaaanyway: I actually… kind of didn’t want to do that. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that Dinosaur films are supposed to be silent (No voices) but, ended up having voices anyway because a few executives were afraid people are too dumb to understand seeing what goes on when it’s playing. Not… that I am saying that’s what it is, that’s why mine doesn’t have people talk lol. But, I think your critique is fair. I did kind of drag on some scenes for too long lol. The one I’m more ashamed about is when the older Trike sees the foot print at the start. I knew it was too long but kept it in anyway AHA HA! I think I said this in a response to someone, but. I wanted every second to be animated… but this was a way to make the viewer feel the scene going on. I think anyway… but one of my best friends say I’m a dumb person so what do I know lol

    And whoa! thank you lol. I tried to emphasize the moments that really needed good animation. The one I think had the most effort put in was the battle. I didn’t drag out too many shots on there. It’s quick and I tried animating everything I could. The hands, legs, tails. Everything. I do also like me some violent eating scenes… so those looked pretty good too I guess lol

    and actually: I’ve been thinking about getting into merch XD but I don’t know where to start. Hell, I don’t even have my own portfolio yet… I DIDN’T EVEN CREDIT MY OWN NAME IN THE SHORT XD I put in my online alias… dammit. Maybe I am a moron like my friend said lol. The next short I am making WILL have my name though… so… yay

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