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    Yeah- this looks kind of unpolished to me.

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    Wow yea… it really makes me miss Spectacular Spider-Man. The action in the series was so great!

    Also why is it OK that Spidey moves a train to a different set of tracks – it’s much more likely that he’s going to cause a collision than anything!

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    Jeff Young-Sterling

    Ugh, yeah. This looked terrible. There were some nice frames of animation in there, but overall it’s very drab. The designs look like they are trying to mimic DC’s current straight to DVD animated universe’s style, but it’s not as polished. The BGs are very boring, and the animation is very lack luster.

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    I noticed the same thing that Jeff did, the backgrounds are so flat and look, dare I say, unfinished. However, I like the young hoodie, costume. And some of the action animation was nice. The gag of the subway card was funny, but makes no sense when he could just hop over the turnstile. Stephen is right about that Train collision waiting to happen. Was this done by someone who has never lived in NY city? I guess I will just have to wait and see where they are going with this….

    Oh BTW, Thanks Sam for Posting this!

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    I think this leaves the door open to an interesting question… what do you think is the best iteration of Spider-Man so far NOT in the comics.

    90s Spider-Man TAS holds a firm place in my heart but I was really floored by Raimi’s Spider-Man 1 & 2 and really really surprised with how good Spectacular Spider-Man was!

    Actually… there was a time there that I thought we had some really great Saturday morning cartoons again: Spectacular Spider-Man, X-Men Evolution, 2k3 TMNT cartoon (pre-“Flash Forward”)

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