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    @rubberonion, I’ve been meaning to mention this: David Stodolny is one of the animators on Moana, he also worked on Zootopia. Before that, I think he was at Dreamworks. He also runs an independent studio called Stodoe Studios: https://www.youtube.com/user/stodoe He uses Toon Boom Animate, the same software as me, and I reached out to him a few years ago with questions about it, and he was super generous with his responses and his time. If you’re both open to it, I thought he might be a neat interview subject, or Creator Spotlight subject.

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    Oh that’s a great suggestion! I follow him on YouTube and try to drop his name whenever I see someone has stolen his Spider-Man micro-short and plopped it up on Facebook. Thanks I’ll see what I can work out!

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    Jeff Cook

    @rubberonion You should try to get in touch with Andrew Kepple aka Too Much Spare Time aka TMST. He’s an indie Flash animator from New Zealand with a cult following online.

    He has worked with Mukpuddy Animation over the years, most recently on their show ‘The Barefoot Bandits’.

    You may have seen his “Up skit creek” series, various animutations or maybe just a Lemon Demon music video that he animated.

    Here are some of my favourites of his…

    More here:

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    I have a suggestion for a possible interview guest if you ever consider having a discussion on the porn side of animation, she usually speaks on mic during her streams on Picarto.tv. Liz Cavelry, (TheLustyLizard on twitter) focuses on making quality erotic flash animation on the side of her actual animation jobs. Maybe for RubberOnion After Dark? I also don’t know your stance on that side of animation and would like to hear what you and Rob have to say on that topic at least! Her twitter has a link to her adult site.

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    I will say… that’s an interesting idea, @brainofbryan… it is one of the most popular subgenres but I don’t know if there are many interviews? Maybe there are – you would know

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