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    I will be on a Freelancer panel at this year’s ANNY Best of Fest in NYC

    “Surviving and Thriving as a Freelancer” | Fri, Sept 29, 7:00pm
    Main Venue | Main Floor North Grass
    180 Maiden Lane, New York, NY, 10038



    “It’s no secret that creative work in the entertainment industry is, by and large, freelance based. Even if you are employed on a studio production, your contract is likely dependent on the length of the current production and your role in it. Benefits are hard to come by, and many of us bounce from job to job. With us today are some of NY’s finest animators, illustrators, and writers who’ve embraced the freelance lifestyle and have made it work for them. Nothing is more flexible than the virtual studio. All that’s needed is a workstation and internet connection, and you can work from anywhere – from the home office to a space in a co-working studio. At the same time, surviving in the freelance industry is no easy battle. We hope our discussion today will enlighten others on how freelancers face challenges head-on, not only surviving but thriving.”

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