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If you need animation for your business, want to learn how to do it yourself, or are looking for a community to interact with… you’ve found the right place!

Specialized in 2D Animation

The classical techniques of hand-drawn animation have been refined over a century and remain the most reliable as well as diverse in the medium. That’s what RubberOnion focuses on.

Efficient in Remote Teamwork

Today’s cloud productivity tools mean that distance is no longer an issue. The system and structure that owner Stephen Brooks developed over a decade as a Freelancer assures that animation is delivered in top order and on time.

Weekly Podcast

Animators are a diverse group of individuals and the RubberOnion Animation Podcast reflects this in its variety show approach, tutorial series, and animator-on-animator interviews with other industry professionals.

Source of Knowledge

Stephen Brooks, the man behind RubberOnion, believes in giving back to the community through education and does so through a book (“Tradigital Animate CC”), video tutorials and blog posts.

Community Forum

Interaction is important to what RubberOnion is at its core. The forum gives a place for followers and fans of the outreach work like the Book and Podcast to congregate.



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Stephen is both a talented animator and a responsive partner in development. He helped us at Mind Candy to breath life into our initial characters. Great attitude as well. I would use him again for other projects and recommend him without reservation.

Stuart Drexler (client)
Stuart Drexler (client), Chief Commercial Officer at Mind Candy

Stephen’s got a very organized system for animating, he’s been doing this for a long time so he knows how to make animations quickly and with high quality. He taught me several animating strategies which I still use to this day. I consider him a mentor when it comes to being an independent freelance animator.

Alan Becker (team member)
Alan Becker (team member), Freelance Animator, YouTube Celebrity

Stephen was great to work with – we had a very tight time frame but he was able to pull it off with great results!

Charles Margulis (client)
Charles Margulis (client), Media Director at the Center for Environmental Health

Stephen is excellent at creating a team and giving clear direction. He is a pleasure to work with and extremely talented to boot. I look forward to many more projects in the future with him.

Jennifer Adkins (team member)
Jennifer Adkins (team member), Freelance Illustrator and Character Designer

Stephen was not only an excellent animator to work with, but also a great help by providing feedback and suggestions to many processes including character design, storytelling and voice acting, which really gave a unique perspective on the outcome. I recommend Stephen as a huge asset in any media project, as his input really adds value to the end result.

Alexandru Craciun (client)
Alexandru Craciun (client), Project Manager at Pixel Blend

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A weekly show about everything animation! There’s discussions about news, interviews, top 5 lists, tutorials and more. We also engage with our fans through community events like animation battles, fan-art competitions and putting listeners into cartoons. Imagine going out for drinks with a group of animators after work and merge that with a variety show which has some educational segments… that’s the RubberOnion Animation Podcast.

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Learn how to bridge the gap between the traditional animation principles and digital software!

The early masters of animation created a list of 12 principles which are important for anyone who wants to create interesting and believable animation. Digital animation continues to make incredible technological advancements that give animators the capability to produce visually stunning work. New technology, however, also has a tendency to create an environment where animators are so focused on adapting to the new workflow that they tend to dismiss these fundamental animation principles… which often leads to poor and lifeless character animation. Tradigital Animate CC helps you focus on these principles while using the program’s wide array of features to create believable animation, consistently.

  • Learn a new principle in each chapter, the Flash tools most related to it and how to put it all together.
  • A plethora of examples demonstrate the good methods which animators should use in Flash, how to avoid the bad ones and ways to create a workflow that works for you.
  • An easy-to-follow approach with examples throughout the book that build on each other, showing how the principles act together.
  • The companion website here features more examples, downloadable FLA resource files, video tutorials.
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