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SEGMENT SHOW! The trailer for the “My Little Pony” movie dropped and threw the internet into a tizzy, TMNT continues its Summer Shorts, and we get an Ax by Fax question about animating while sad.

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Topics & Timestamps

(7:54) Animation News…
(8:34) My Little Pony trailer
(44:53) TMNT Summer Shorts
(1:05:20) Ax By Fax Audience Question: “Is it hard to animate when you’re sad?” ~Nathan Viney

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  • Andrew Kaiko says:

    Familiar wid da show heah. So first of all, yes, anyone who doesn’t follow a fandom or a show or movie will think a trailer like this “comes out of nowhere”. Same with me with other adaptations. The reality is that this iteration of the pony toys (the fourth show) came out 7 years ago, and it’s in the middle of Season 7, so there was always this question among the fans of “will we get a movie of this?? Will it only be a TV movie?” So yeah this was long-awaited.

    😀 You know where ta go to git your nosey, gossipy animation sourness online! From your friendly neighborhood BANDREW. I already spoke my opinions about it beforehand in that FB thread. Yes, this is ToonBoom for the characters, some props, and some fx, with CGI for the usual stuff like environments. I won’t repeat them here. This is SOLELY based on the 4th show, so a lot of stuff won’t be enjoyable if you haven’t been following the series.

    • RubberOnion says:

      Well usually there’s a teaser that’s released wide enough where it “comes across my desk” even though I’m not familiar with the property but Pony’s just dropped a full trailer… so it felt like it came out of nowhere. I think the reason I thought it was a trailer for a movie that already happened was exactly the reason you said… the show’s been out a while, I thought it would’ve already had one (although admittedly, I assumed to dvd & streaming).

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